About Us

We give you the financing you need to make your goals happen.

Catalyst is a brokerage firm that makes it simple for you to get the funding you need to make your goals a reality. In our 10+ years of experience, we’ve developed relationships with a trusted group of professionals within the financial services industry to facilitate a variety of funding solutions.

We work for you. Period.

As an independent brokerage company, we aren’t tied to any banks or institutions. This means our only loyalty is to our clients, so you can rest assured that when you go with Catalyst, you’re getting the best possible financing solution for your needs.

At Catalyst, we get the job done.

Whether you need a mortgage to buy your first home, investment property, or need to secure financing for your business, you can depend on Catalyst. With a proven track record in providing customized financing solutions for residential and commercial clients, we’re known for our expertise, reliability, timeliness, and perhaps most importantly, our persistence and commitment to getting clients what they need.

About Geoff Tivey B.Sc AMP

geofftiveyGeoff, CEO and founder of Catalyst Financial Inc., is a registered mortgage broker based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, known for his friendly, personalized service and valuable advice. His experience includes working at companies such as BMO Bank of Montreal, The Royal Bank of Canada and Interbay Funding.

No matter the scenario, Geoff specializes in providing out-of-the-box, client-focused financing solutions. He has a wealth of experience and a solid reputation in the industry, and prides himself on giving every client the attention he or she deserves. From private funders to banks, Geoff works with a wide array of lenders and has experience underwriting both commercial and residential deals.


We make sure you have the financing you need, whatever your situation.

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