Do you own your own building and need to refinance your debt? We have many options.

Are you having difficulties meeting payroll? We have the solution.

Are you new to Canada! Welcome! Allow us to assist you in obtaining your mortgage financing.

Is your mortgage up for renewal? Do yourself a favour, call us today. You'll be glad you did.

Do you own a small-medium sized business and in a work out program with your bank? We have solutions.

Do you need factoring of your receivables? We can help.

Are you self employed and buying a home? Let us guide you to the right mortgage product that fits your needs.

Are you separating and need to refinance your home? Let us take the stress away and help you through this process.

Are you in expansion mode and need to build/buy a new building? We can help

Are you in a work out program with your bank? We have the solutions to help you get back to the bank.

Do you need assistance paying your suppliers for materials to build your product? Assurance Funding is the key. We can help.

Are your customers not paying on time? Don't let that hold you back. Call us today.

Are you unable to fill new orders due to slow cash flow? Call us today. We have the solution

Are you a trucking company and seeking greater flexibility in your cash flow? Call today.

Do you require higher loan to value (LTV) financing from what your bank can provide? We can provide options.

Are your sales outpacing your existing cash reserves or operating lines? Factoring is the answer. Call us today.

Do you need bridge / mezzanine financing? We have many options to assist you.

Are you developing an environmentally challenged municipal lot? We have access to funding.

Unable to fill new orders due to slow cash flow? Try factoring your receivables

Looking for creative financing on a real estate investment? We have a solid track record of success helping investors like you. Call us today.

Are you a first time home buyer? Let us guide the way to home ownership!

Do you need to refinance your mortgage? We have options no matter what your credit score is.

Do you need to lease equipment, hardware or software? We have customized solutions that can fit your needs.

Are you renovating your home? We have mortgage options to suit your needs, from 1st and 2nd mortgages

Client Focused Solutions

At Catalyst it’s not about what we do, it’s about how we do it.

There are many companies out there offering funding solutions. We think we’re different, in a good way.

We take great pride in working with you. We bring a proven track record of client-focused solutions to all aspects of home ownership, real-estate investment, small & medium-sized business solutions and credit repair, along with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Our creative thinking, solution-driven approach doesn’t just set us apart, it’s how we gain the confidence of our customers.

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